The establishment of Colegio De Dagupan (CDD) in 1984 by Dr. Voltaire P. Arzadon marked the birth of an academic library which later became a prominent knowledge and information resource center in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. It started as a single-room information hub at the Vina Theater along A.B. Fernandez St., Dagupan City, Pangasinan where the College started its operation. When Vina Theater was burned, it was transferred at the Galvan Building in the same vicinity. In 1989, it was again relocated when CDD transferred to the Feliza Arzadon Memorial Edifice along Arellano St., Dagupan City. In the latter part of 1998, it occupied three floors of the old five-storey Administration Building of the college to accommodate more sections for the new course offerings.

At February 2010, the CDD Library expanded to create a Research and Graduate Studies Library and to provide more reading areas for its students. From a single-room library in 1984, it now occupies the whole of the old five-storey Administration Building having unit libraries, namely: Research & Graduate Studies, Nursing, Education, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Multimedia, Filipiniana, Accountancy and Business Education, Information Technology/Computer Science, and Engineering. These unit libraries offer extensive collection of carefully selected print and non-print resources such as Books, Continuing Resources, Videorecordings, Cartographic Materials and Electronic Resources that include CD-ROMs, DVDs, & VCDs.

In order sustain the quality of collection, periodic evaluation is conducted by the Library staff with the help of the Library Committee consists of Faculty Representatives from each of CDD’s academic units. Apart from this, policies that govern acquisition, weeding, conservation and preservation are regularly updated to sustain the library’s relevance to the independent learning efforts of students and faculty. Just like any library, CDD Library is like a living organism that will continue to grow and develop to meet the demands of the changing times.


The Colegio De Dagupan Library aims to support the institution by providing good quality, cost-effective library, information and learning services. The library also intends to be responsive to clients’ needs that will reflect good professional practice, equality, creativity and efficiency.


1. To provide access to resources and information necessary to support the learning, teaching, and research activities of the institution; 2. To carry out appropriate development work in librarianship with the aim to improving information sources and services;

3. To teach students and staff in the use of the library and to develop their information skills;

4. To maintain effective links with all College staff, let them understand and respond to the changes in education and approaches in learning.


Monday – Saturday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Sunday: 8:00AM – 12:00NN


Colegio De Dagupan Library, Arellano St., Dagupan City 2400 e-mail: cddlibrary@yahoo.com Telephone Nos. : (075) 522-0143; (075) 522-2405); (075) 522-2210 Fax: (075) 522-3629


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